The Realities of Spinning Yarn

When you’re in the business of fiber processing, there are four realities of spinning yarn that directly impact your bottom line. They will have influence over your workshop every day. These realities have a direct connection to the amount of production and therefore profit that you’re company will be able to realize. And most importantly, … Continue reading The Realities of Spinning Yarn

Cotton Core To Your Door

Cotton core to your door goes back over a decade. It was early fall in 2008 when a new tool showed up at our mill. It was the Rug Yarn Maker from Belfast Mini Mills LTD. Two years later it was 25% of our business revenue. By 2013 the “trend” was generating an average of … Continue reading Cotton Core To Your Door

AFMN Summit 2020 Ticket Sales Launch Today!

The AFMN Summit 2020 is here!!! I’ve been waiting for this day to arrive for almost a whole year! Last year at the summit we agreed to appoint a board and officially make the Artisan Fiber Mill Network a nonprofit organization and form a charter. And this summer at the summit they are going to … Continue reading AFMN Summit 2020 Ticket Sales Launch Today!

Who are we?

Part 2 of 4: Come & See Tour Analysis – Wrapping my head around the “creativity quotient” of our industry On a scale of 1 to 10, how creative are you? Your answer to that question is directly linked to the perception of your identity. Most of us have or will struggle with identity issues … Continue reading Who are we?