About Us

We are Master Crafted!

We are Master Crafted.
We’re a people of great value and worth.
We are created and called to be set apart.

God has designed and set us apart for good works.
By the work of His hand, we are fearfully and wonderfully made!
He is our Master Craftsman, and we are His apprentices,
dedicated students, focused on learning the posture and path of His crafting. 

Each day we are given the opportunity to work alongside Him, redeeming and creating.
We continue to bravely transform the realities of our fallen world
to fully display the beauty that is latent within His creation.
Full of true grit, we sing behind the plow – knowing our labor is not in vain.  

The pursuit of craftsmanship is our life,
stewards of all that God has given to us.
Daily we are conformed to His image.

At the end of each day, when all our work is said and done,
we delight in our fellowship together.
It’s who we are.
It’s who we desire to become.

It is our life… because we are what The Master Crafted!

Each new day a work of art that the Master Crafted
Check out Kellie Walls Sharpe’s work!

Waking Up To A True Renaissance

When I hear the words, “we are master crafted”, it’s like a songbird singing to awaken the dawn of an otherwise foggy “who am I” existence. This is why we chose to use a Carolina Wren as our icon. It is one of the first songbirds that starts this chorus in the morning. This melody that comes to our ear, triggers the hope of a brand new day. We want to inspire craftsmen far and wide to wake up to the beauty of what God has created – to be their songbird in that awakens the dawn.

We’re so glad you’re here. We believe this is our time to wake up and recognize the renaissance that The Master Crafted! To stand up and engage the vision He has declared to restore and reclaim craftsmanship for the glory of God and the joy of all peoples. We are an eternal community under God. From generation to generation we are continuing to be the stewards of God’s grace and mercy throughout creation – a good work that is fruitful and multiplies. 

We’re not the experts. We are simply asking you to join us in following the Master Craftsman as he teaches us to engage in inspiring joy-filled business that serves others well.

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