“I Wanna Start A Mill!” & the 5-Day Challenge…

Are you up for a 5-Day Challenge? Maybe you’ve been following along over the last year and have had a growing interest in starting your own artisan fiber mill. There is easily space for another 125 startups just in the United States alone. How can we come alongside other pioneers in the fiber frontier and help them “go west” with confidence? Maybe you (or someone you know) has new mill startup interest. Well, we’ve got a great opportunity to share with you.

The Master Crafted has started a public group called “I Wanna Start A Mill!” just a little over a week ago. We just launched a registration page for the 5-Day Challenge.

5-DAY CHALLENGE – Is it a Scam?

So we get it…

…the 5-Day Challenge concept appears to be just the latest way for folks to “weasel their way” in front of a bunch of interested people centered around a particular topic. They do it to promote their brand and get attendees to really like and enjoy their content. But then it’s the age-old bait and switch. They drop some kind of offer “you just can’t refuse”. It’s the new twist on the classic info-mercials?


I’m sure you’ve seen how the strategy works…

  • drip out content along the way day after day to show they’re an expert
  • hint at an even higher level content that is the best of the best
  • Then while they’ve got you there as a captive audience they wine and dine for a sale
5-Day Challenge

Why we’re hosting a 5-Day Challenge

The idea of delivering needed content to folks in a short window of time, through an easy to access platform, and create and inspire synergy among a group of people who already have like interests is a very good thing. As I stated before, it’s our belief that there’s a great need for more mills in the United States – our goal is 125 in the next ten years. But who is out there supporting those folks and giving them access to the content and help they need?

Stepping up to the challenge!

I’ve been an entrepreneur for over 25 years. Starting new businesses is exciting to me, but it can also be overwhelming. I love starting all kinds of new things, not just businesses. I see it a lot like putting together a puzzle. Something I’ve done since childhood. I know all the pieces are there for a beautiful picture that I can see in my mind. Inside “the box” there are all sorts of individual odd-shaped pieces that are totally disorganized, just waiting for me to put them in place.

So, what is the best process to get a new business startup puzzle put together and grow your interest in the endeavor, instead of losing it over time? Are there short cuts or best practices? What if you can’t see that beautiful picture I just described above? Is there a way to create that picture like is on the lid of the box to refer to?

That’s the approach I’m taking. I want to help you be able to find the corners, put the border together, identify those aspects in your “picture” which are key elements to your puzzle, and gain clarity about where they fit in the overall idea of starting your artisan fiber mill.

While I can’t put the puzzle together for you, I can help you lay out the practical steps towards that reality.

Topics covered…

During the 5-day Challenge we will cover topics like:

  • how “birthing” a business plan can be a very natural process
  • what an artisan fiber mill is and why you might want to start one
  • assessing the market needs and clarifying the problem that you can best solve
  • what business entity is right for your venture
  • infrastructure, permits, and other requirements you’ll need to get started
  • where to find accurate data for my business plan
  • the processes that are critical to quality in fiber processing
  • the options for different equipment you’ll need to start your artisan fiber mill
  • different avenues to raising capital for your new business venture
  • drawing a crowd and serving your future customers before your business has “started”
  • ​​​avoiding common mistakes that even experienced business owners make

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