AFMN Radio Broadcast – Max Mason – Craft Beer

So two weekends ago the AFMN launched a YouTube Channel be sure to subscribe. This broadcast will host a series of episodes in response to not being able to host a live summit in Lebanon, TN last weekend (due to the COVID-19). They are calling it the AFMN Radio Broadcast. In the first episode, they had on Rich Armstong of The Great Game of Business. If you haven’t checked it out yet you should. Subscribe to their channel while you’re there, as there’s sure to be more great content coming down the pike!

The AFMN Radio Broadcast has done such a good job of putting together a voice that addresses the key issues that will strengthen and cultivate the artisan fiber mill industry around the globe. I’ve watched it twice now and I’m probably going to do it a third time.

Why you should watch this episode…

There’s so much to learn in this interview with Max Mason of Hi-Wire Brewing Company. Watch and learn how Max went from sweeping floors to quality control supervisor in a relatively short time. How did the craft beer industry raise the tide that lifted all ships?

So if you’re interested in:

  • How have other industries made the shift from commodity to craft?
  • Can we evolve out of brands of generic utility (including its perpetual race to the bottom), and towards artistry and craftsmanship with greater and greater complexity and sophistication?
  • What were the foundational industry platform elements that had helped to facilitate that kind of pivot?
  • How can we as a network strengthen and cultivate the evolving artisan fiber mill industry around the globe?
  • What’s necessary redefine textiles the way craft beer has redefined the beer industry?
  • Imagining what would be possible if we begin to form these kinds of organizations for our evolving artisan fiber mill industry?

I’d love to hear in the comments what stood out to you about what organizations can do to help in building a platform that allows an industry to flourish.

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