The coming storm of business…

This post was originally written on Facebook back in December 2009… When it comes to the coming storm of business, what is the condition of the household you have built? Does it weather the storm? These are “Joshua moments” in our world – “as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord”! Throughout history, there have been these coming storms. Some households have resolutely stood the test of time and been remembered in history as honorable. Others have come crashing down and great was the fall of it!

the coming storm...
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Storms beat on & beat against the house…

As I came to the close of CR Wiley’s book “The Household and the War for the Cosmos” it landed squarely on this runway that the Lord gave to me over a decade ago. It was a confirmation for me. It’s a strange thing when the Lord reveals something that has gone rarely noticed for two millennia. But the facts are still clear – proskopto and prospito are two totally different words. And words matter. Words have origin and meaning. The Lord has specific intentions for them. And now is that time.

It’s been a long while as a “farmer” cultivating, planting, watering, and waiting for the Lord to provide the increase from His seed in my soil. The Word of God never returns void – it accomplishes exactly what He intends. We have only to “wait“. It’s not a term that describes no action. There is a very important posture required [Exodus 14:14; Isaiah 50]. As my papa has said consistently over the course of my memory, “No plan of God can be thwarted”. There is a coming storm. There always has been. Will your oikos stand and serve the Lord in the midst of that storm. Those who sow in tears will reap in joy.

The coming storm of business?

Your household is the center of the cosmos. It is the womb from which all things good, right, and true are born, whether we acknowledge it or not. This is where polity, covenant, enterprise, economy, education, hospitality, service… all have their beginning. Your business is an idea that was formed in the DNA of who you are when God was knitting you in your mother’s womb. We would do well to spend time reconnecting to what The Master Crafted and entering into the workshop and learning from Him.

Can you imagine the business that is yet to be born? If you are one who is “childless” and “baron” or “divorced” there is still great hope! To those birthed and abandoned – go and seek out what has been lost. Restore what has been devastated. Become known as a repairer of the wall and a builder of streets to dwell in! To those who have adopted the orphan your duty to restore is immeasurable. May all the sons and daughters return to their families and the land rejoice. Lord, may business once again thrive in the center or our households to the glory of God, and all the people of the earth rejoice.

Both male & female required!

God created mankind as male and female. This was required in order for us to bear His image. It was a requirement for us to be fruitful and multiply and fill the earth and subdue it. Women are the mother of all things living. They are the warriors in the storms we have faced throughout history. They have faithfully given birth to ideas that must be cared for, raised up, sharpened, trained in righteousness, and placed into the quiver for the day of war. Men are the fathers who are directly charged with the authority, stewardship, and dominion. They stand as undershepherds with an obligation to give kindly-use towards their charges. Men are called upon to lead in this way – to walk humbly, love mercy, and do justly.

You’ll find several posts on Facebook with the hashtag #DORIATOW. This stands for “day of rest in a time of war”. These were salient moments where it was clear the Lord was teaching me something important for the coming storm of business. Something important which needed to be used in the building of my house. It’s it ironic that salient has with it a military and an embryo meaning? Our businesses reflect the worldview we have submitted to. There is a great need for all the families of the earth to once again realize the blessing given to them in Abraham through Yahweh.

It’s all business and all Jesus – ALL THE TIME!

Go and build your household with what is precious with all the blessings the Lord has given to you! And birth more of them – for children are a blessing from the Lord!

Your servant for His blessing,

PS – If you wanna talk more about building your house…

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