AFMN Summit 2020 Ticket Sales Launch Today!

The AFMN Summit 2020 is here!!! I’ve been waiting for this day to arrive for almost a whole year! Last year at the summit we agreed to appoint a board and officially make the Artisan Fiber Mill Network a nonprofit organization and form a charter. And this summer at the summit they are going to unveil what they have been working on since August of 2019. The #AFMNSummit2020 is going to kick-off with a meet & greet party on Tuesday night. But they haven’t disclosed any details about it yet. Then this year there are two full days of topics that are designed to strengthen and advance fiber mill business owners in both artistry and craftmanship.

AFMN Summit 2020 the waiting is over

Belfast Mini Mills to be Key Sponsor

This is their 6th summit, and each one has gotten better. This year Belfast Mini Mills LTD has stepped forward to be a sponsor of the summit. This is very exciting because they plan to announce several new things that they are bringing to the market. I can’t wait to see what that’s going to be. They are also bringing in at least 5 other key vendors that they have yet to announce. And on Wednesday night Linda Cortright from Wild Fiber Magazine is going to deliver the keynote! She’s an amazing storyteller and photographer. This will be my third time hearing her speak. She’s almost worth the price of admission alone.

Speaking of admission… they are offering a whole extra day this year but they kept the price the same! The early bird special is just $125. They have raised the price of the +1 tickets to $65, but they are providing 6 meals so it’s totally worth it.

AFMN Summit 2020 Tickets go live today!

Their online ticket ordering is going live today. So if you’re interested in signing up and finding out what’s new in the wild world of niche textiles click the button below and find out more about the details.

Get your #AFMNSummit2020 Ticket!
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Why am I so excited?!?

You might be wondering why I’m so overly excited about the AFMN Summit 2020. Well, this is something I’ve been a part of since 2007 when we launched our first Paca to Product event. That was the start of a dream to see a sustained grassroots industry of niche textiles here in the US. It’s been a long journey and the sights have been incredible. Along the way, we’ve met so many amazing people who are doing really great work. And it’s very encouraging to see this group take one more step towards fruitfulness. Also, I was asked to sit on the Board of Directors for this newly formed group as their vice president. So I’ve also got a bit of a vested interest you might say.

But I should be excited about it! I believe this is exactly what American fiber farmers need. The artist who works with fiber is going to be richly rewarded by what this group accomplishes over the next decade. Here’s to a bold cultivation of the fiber universe! May the AFMN be fruitful and multiply. May they fill the earth and be great stewards of this little niche called God’s fiber kingdom!

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