The Goal

If you’re wanting to up your game when it comes to running your manufacturing company and making a good profit doing it “The Goal” is the Holy Grail. Maybe you don’t consider yourself much of a reader and this book is 362 pages. You can find the book on audible. But regardless, I would suggest reading the attached PDF which is just a little excerpt from the back called Standing On The Shoulders Of Giants.

This article dives into the realities of production concepts vs production applications. No two business environments are the same. In the article, Eli helps you to realize that the principle will not change. It will still apply, but how it applies will be different from the original environment in which it was constructed.

We’d love to offer our help in understanding how the principles from The Goal could work in your manufacturing operation. Feel free to reach out and we’ll coordinate a 30 minute phone conversation to better understand your business needs.

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