The Bird’s eye view…

We provide you with a bird’s eye view of your business. The day to day of operations often renders you as an owner nearsighted and missing out on how to implement the hopes and dreams of your business. It’s our joy to come alongside and help you learn how to put those plans into practice.

bird's eye view
the ability to rise above the day to day and see the bigger picture of what lies ahead

What if the grass is greener on the other side, but getting there seems impossible? We can help by placing solid stepping stones to cross that river and find rest.

After being in the business for 13 years we understand the pressures that hinder forward movement/better realities.

During my 9 years as an owner, I constantly sought out an unbiased viewpoint through business consultants. There are seasons when working on your business is more important than working in your business. There are plenty of good reasons to hire a consultant.

You are a craftsman with great hopes. You need a place of rest to hone those skills which can be difficult to do when you’re worried about logistics of finance and administrative tasks. We provide that for you through our Tenfold Project.

Master crafted brings clarity to daily operations and simplifies your workflow so you can do what’s essential and efficient teaching you to eliminate nonessential/ nonprofitable energy wasters

We are focused on leveraging your capacity to more profitable outcomes. Consider this, just five more pounds of yarn per day will bring in an additional $3000+ per month. Almost $40,000 a year. How much money is your business leaving on the table?

$12,500 gives you access to the Tenfold Project. This is our basic service package which at first glance might seem steep. But consider that it only means doing 1#10oz more of yarn per day to pay for that service. Our promise to you is that our business will guide you to do at least 3x that in the first 6 months.

Here’s your opportunity to discover how to love Mondays and engaging in a joy-filled business. Call us today and gain insights from the bird’s eye view of your business.

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