ATTN: Fiber Mill Owners Unite!

Since January of 2011 there has been a fiber mill owners group on Facebook that now has 260 members. We interact with each other on a daily basis. This is a great way to engage with other owners/operators of fiber process equipment who own/run their own small business. These networking opportunities might be something you would be interested in.

fiber mill owners
Fiber Mill Owners/Operators
Closed group ยท 260 members
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This is a tool exclusively for niche textile mill owners and operators to engage and communicate with each other on issues related to mill processing. It is a closed group so that those in the network can share openly and freely. The long term desire is that our collective experience and problem solving will make our daily production more efficient and our quality more beautiful. We host an annual summit at a members facility to advance topics that are hurdles in our sustainability and viability as a network and as individuals.

artisan fiber mill network for fiber mill owners

The AFMN established to bring awareness to fiber mill businesses around the world.

This group recently had a summit in Lebanon, TN at the Wilson County Expo Center. This was in conjunction with the Natural Fiber Extravaganza power by the Alpaca Owners Association. It was during this summit that we laid out the framework for the Artisan Fiber Mill Network. We chose a group of 5 to develop the charter and bylaws. Later this year we hope to become an official registered non-profit organization. We have a Facebook Page which you can like to keep up with these developments.

Thank you in advance for interest. Feel free to share this post with others in your network who own or work in this niche textile industry.

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