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This short post focuses on our desire to become entrepreneurs. Everyone has their ideas about what entrepreneurship is (13.9 million to be exact)

The word entrepreneur is associated with success, startups, innovation, inspiration, leadership, small business, just to name a few. What word(s) or phrase first comes to mind when you think of the word entrepreneurship? There are three that come to my mind ah-ha, grit, and risk.

The origins of this powerful word…

So who are entrepreneurs? There are two Latin words that make up the word entrepreneur: entre and prendes. Entre means to swim out and prendes means to grasp, understand or capture – its that idea of an ah-ha moment. Entrepreneurs are people who have figured out that something of great worth is our there on the horizon and they are willing to take the risk and swim out to lay hold of it.

Entrepreneurs like Lewis Pugh are literally swimming to create change in our world
Lewis Pugh is a creative entrepreneur who is literally swimming for change.

For those considering a new mill startup entrepreneurship must be part of your DNA. Do you have an ah-ha idea? Do you see something that is out on the horizon that has great value? Are you considering swimming out to lay hold of it? Do you have the grit to complete the task?

Entrepreneurs & The Master Crafted

At The Master Crafted, we believe that to be an entrepreneur is God-like. It’s intentionally knit in our DNA because we bear God’s image. The LORD is a creator and a sustainer – and we have these same traits. We all have a deep desire in our souls to make all things beautiful. As Jordan Raynor defines in his book “Called to Create“, an entrepreneur is anyone who takes a risk to create something new for the good of others.

He brings out six points in his book that I think are well worth our attention:

  • we can do ministry without abandoning a passion for entrepreneurship
  • the call to create and the call to motherhood is not in conflict
  • we can create products [and services] that reveal God’s character and love others
  • the Gospel can influence every aspect of how we run our ventures
  • Christian community can help renew our minds as we create
  • a new heaven and earth informs our desire to create both today and for eternity!

To create is to bear His image as a creator

I can’t think of a more God-like thing that we could be doing. We were created to bear God’s image. We are called to swim out and lay hold of that which is lost and has great value!

Are you one of these creatives looking to get into the niche textile industry? We would love to talk with you more about your ideas for starting a mill or growing your mill business. There is a great opportunity to meet the needs of others in your area through the custom processing of fibers. If you’re interested in learning how you can properly identify the risk involved and develop a strategy to dimish that risk we would love to talk with you. Click the link below and schedule a time that works best with your schedule.

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