Do you have questions about Tenfold?

If you’ve not heard about Tenfold, it is The Master Crafted’s initial project to work with just ten mills and focus on giving to them what they need to grow their business tenfold. Gary Keller, the founder of Keller Williams Realty International, defined his single priority as a leader to just this, “teaching people how to think the way they need to think so that can do what they need to do when they need to do it, so they can get what they want when they want it.” We believe that by focusing on Tenfold we can help folks cut through the clutter, achieve better results in less time, inspire joy-filled business, revive their energy to love and serve others and stay on track. Listed below are some of the frequently asked questions that we get when presenting the concept of Tenfold and partnering with their business for the next year.

I feel like we tried everything, how can I know what you’re proposing will work for us?

  • We know how that feels.  Prior to us starting Master Crafted, the only option for training that people had was the school of hard knocks and that is a harsh way to learn – it is overwhelming and exhausting.
  • We want folks to benefit from our 14 years of learning in that school and we’re going to be giving you the refined lessons that we’ve learned that proved over the last 7 years of our company that we could consistently card more than 24 pounds a day. 
  • What we don’t want is for you to keep banging your head against the wall and thinking this time it won’t hurt.  It takes the joy out of anyone real quick. But learning things that actually work right the first time, brings joy and hope back into the craftsmanship that you love to do.

I’m curious how Master Crafted is going to save me time, isn’t it just a lot of extra work, and more money out of pocket?

  • Tenfold will provide less administrative work
    • Our A-Train ordering and management software keeps everything administrative on the right track – level and straightforward. In our A-Train software, your customer is entering the data into the software saving you precious time
  • Tenfold will provide a streamlined process
    • With A-Train orders are scheduled for the month by greatest efficiency throughput not first come first serve.  This concept alone cut our time by 80% when we had finally worked out all the adjustments.
  • Tenfold will provide your team members the understanding of “Created by Design”, “Specific Product Construction”, and “Critical to Quality”
    • At each step, things are done right the first time every time
  • Tenfold will provide the reduction of waste in your process so that things don’t get in the way of you providing your customer with the highest value possible, in the shortest amount of time. We will look at things that create DOWNTIME: Defects, Overproduction, Waiting, Non-utilized talent, Transportation, Inventory, Motion, Extra processing
  • Tenfold will provide your team with Lean Six-Sigma’s proven 5S system used by some of the greatest manufacturing companies in the world.  We will help transform your workshop into an orderly and efficient environment. Everything will have a place and everything will be in its place. No more looking for that 9/16 wrench for 15 minutes – while you’re machine has stopped production until it’s fixed and your employee is wondering what to do next..  And everyone will love being in your workshop because it’s so organized and clean! 5S stands for: Sort, Set in order, Shine, Standardize, Sustain

Will Master Crafted be able to help me at saving money?

  • You’ll find that with a simpler, straightforward process that does it right the first time every time, it causes your costs to drop dramatically.  Think about the cost of doing repeat work and the use of consumables a second time – that’s cutting your time by at least in half – and time is money.  We maintained our throughput while decreasing our expenses by 5% each year for three years in a row (2011-2013).
  • But more important than just saving you money, our team will help your team get way more done in the same amount of time – so you won’t be wasting money!

I would love to be more productive with the time I do have, can you help me do that?

  • It’s frustrating to put in long hours and not see good results from your hard work.
  • Value-added strategy deployment is key to the highest productivity
  • We’re going to help your team articulate your business into a one-page document that defines your business’s value strategy M.A.P – it begins and ends with determining what’s best for your customer based on the needs they have expressed
  • We’re going to help your team clarify what is essential in your business, and focus on it.
  • We’re going to help your team identify what is non-essential in your business, and get rid of it.

I got into this business because I was looking for a different “quality of life”. What can you tell me about that?

Here’s what others in this niche artisan textile industry are saying about their experiences in the business. There are certain things that bring joy, and there are other things that cause frustration.

  • What brings joy?
    • feeling like they had mastered a skill
    • sharing something they made
    • engaged in processes that were profitable & sustainable
    • ability to invest in meaningful activities outside the mill
    • seeing the face of a satisfied customer holding their product
  • What causes frustration?
    • I’m always in the mill
    • I feel like my work is never done
    • Constantly dealing with customers (phone, email, social media)
    • Steps in the process don’t always work right the first time
    • I can’t afford to hire more help but sure could use some

Inspiring joy-filled business is The Master Crafted’s primary mission. Our vision is that one business at a time the world would awaken to discover the source from which all joy is derived, and realize that this joy informs all of life. For too long, we have searched for joy primarily in what we do. We did this hoping that it would help us understand who we are. But history is showing us that when we define who we are based on what we do, we are headed down a path that only leads to more emptiness and frustration. Yet we continue to lie to ourselves and say that joy can be found if we could just do this or that, or quit doing this or that.

At The Master Crafted, we have found joy in who we are, because we have realized whose we are. We have realized that joy is only discovered in the context of relationships. It’s a common experience that everyone who has ever lived shares – we belong to someone… we came from someone. This fundamental relationship is derived in the context of marriage, through a pregnancy which creates a bond between parents and their child. And this is what makes the Gospel such a powerfully intrinsic story that is common to man. God is a Master Craftsman and we are His workmanship, and we were created in Christ Jesus to do good works which the Master Craftsman prepared beforehand that we might walk in them.

So we choose this Carolina wren as a symbol because it is God’s tangible reminder to each of us that joy comes in the morning – and each new dawn it sings this song to awaken us to this reality. We would love to work with you, consider scheduling a time to talk more about this opportunity on the phone today!

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