I’m sure you’ve noticed that the culture we live in today has resulted in a lot of skeptical and frustrated people. When you add in two decades of “shock & awe” and “high pressure” tactics in politics and sports and even our weather and news stations – most people are just plain DONE! Folks are tired of being harassed. Maybe you’ve noticed this growing trend of people moving out of the city into more remote places to do some version of “off the grid” which might be more accurately translated as “I’m done being harassed, please just leave me alone”. Okay that was the PC version, here in the NC mountains of the forgotten west we would say it something like this “you betta stop, ‘fore things get sideways”

We are harassed almost every single moment of the day, and it won’t stop at night either – if we don’t remember to turn our phones on silent when we go to bed… BLING! In 2018, the average American received 10 robocalls a day which was up 47% from 2017! It’s pretty sad when I look at my phone and recognize the area code and assume that it’s some friend I haven’t put into my address book yet. But when I pick it up, much to my surprise, I discover that I’ve just received the opportunity to get out from under all my college debt… (REALLY!? HOW EXCITING! I WAS HOPING YOU WERE GOING TO CALL) and so I of course anxiously hold for the next available representative. (PSSH) Ironically, I went to college on a full-ride scholarship, and have never had any college debt!

So welcome to the 21st century, where we are being trained to throw away most of our mail, delete more than 90% of our email without reading it and disregard a growing number of texts and phone calls to our personal cell phones. The thought that anyone is even taking the time to read this blog post is an absolutely crazy idea! In short, we’re learning that we cannot trust anyone or anything, virtually everyone has an agenda and intends to screw everyone else in the process.

Sadly, many don’t even remember the days, when out of respect for their fellow countrymen, folks would humble themselves, consider others interests before their own, and sacrificially find ways to serve others in business. This biblical example demonstrated by Christ 2000 years ago has been corralled back into the church as a platitude that cannot survive in the modern world of business economics.

Do you remember watching Sears stores vanish from the landscape as the last vestiges of the era of high-quality craftsmanship were replaced with a new era where stores now offered more for less? And if that wasn’t enough, businesses found new ways to keep cutting prices, bundling more services, and monopolizing more markets to the point that now cheap is expected. Cheap is normal. But it hasn’t stopped at cheap, we’re now convinced that if we have to leave the comforts of our own home to make that purchase, and it’s not delivered to our door in two days standard as part of a free shipping membership we’re cavemen! And the harassment will continue to the point of helplessness and most of us will never comprehend how skeptical and frustrated we’ve become in a culture that rejected its Judeo-Christian roots.

So my biggest concern when I started this new business was that I would become just one more annoying voice in an ocean of marketing aggravation. How could I be part of the solution and not part of the problem?

When Jesus arrived on the scene, people were also done with the current political and religious systems of their day. He described them as sheep who had been lost and scattered, left on their own without a shepherd, and the result was that they were a desperate people who had a growing sense of helplessness and harassment. This was in stark contrast to the Psalm that they had probably learned as kids, “The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want…” I spent some time meditating on through Psalm 23 the last several mornings and thanking God that He had sent Jesus to us to be our good shepherd. We sure could use more of that today!

All that to say, I get it – JC’s just another schmuck out there trying to talk me into wasting my hard-earned money on something that isn’t going to work! If you have been thinking about getting involved in this Tenfold program that $12,500 price tag seems way too overpriced. I can appreciate that, I haven’t spent that much money on a new vehicle for my family in the last 22 years, let alone for someone to come in and consult me about my business. So I wanted to give you some bullet points to think about why that $12,500 number is actually a really great offer.

  • most of the mills could expand their capacity by at least 3 pounds if not up to 18 more pounds of yarn per day – and typically without more employees, equipment or adding much expense – just focusing on effectiveness and efficiency.
  • so let’s take $12,500 and break it down conservatively by 250 working days per year. Yes, I’ve given you back your weekends and given you 10 days of vacation per year! That would mean generating an extra $50 per day in revenue to cover the cost of Tenfold.
  • So how much more yarn would a mill need to average per day to cover that cost?
  • Since $30/pound is the going rate in the industry for converting raw fiber to yarn, that means another 1#10oz of raw fiber being processed into yarn per day.
  • I’m confident that one year’s worth of concentrated effort in helping you deploy a process that is more effective and efficient will increase your production by an average of at least 3 pounds.
  • 3 pounds times 250 days equals 750 pounds. Which at $30/pound is $22,500 in additional revenue per year – and every year after that too!
  • There’s a very real possibility that your $12,500 will result in over $67,500 in just three short years. That’s the reality of adding 3 pounds of yarn to your daily average!
  • It always seems impossible until someone shows you how to do it, and then you wonder why you never thought of that before because it makes so much sense

Knowledge on its own is of little use.
it’s just the beginning – where we all have to start;
consider the library which no one visits…

but when sought out and tested,
knowledge yields understanding.
And when understanding is adapted and refined
and applied into unique situations,
wisdom is discovered – which gives birth to
new opportunities never before imagined.

The fear of the Lord is the beginning of knowledge:
but fools despise wisdom and instruction.
[Proverbs 1:7]

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