New four part series coming…

We are just about wrapped up with our #comeandseetour events. We have a leg to do in the south where we call home. When we are all done, we will have visited almost 25 mills in the Midwest, the Northeast, the Pacific Northwest, the Southeast, the South, and even Canada.

There are over 150 mills in North America. And there is a growing number overseas which is well above 50 at this point. We are having initial talks with a potential startup right now based out of Peru. We wanted to come and see a substantial sample of these mills in person, work with them and experience first-hand people, purpose, process, and products. It has been fascinating!

In the next month leading up to the Artisan Fiber Mill Summit, we are going to begin sharing what we have found in our travels and what the future of The Master Crafted is going to look like in the rest of 2019 and 2020. We’ve signed NDA’s with all of these mills so we’re not going to share any secrets about how these mills are doing what they do. But what we do want to share is based on what we saw what kinds of products and services is Master Crafted going to offer.

Stay tuned!

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