Good advice and insight are critical, everything else equals frustration!

I was recently asked, “When is the best time to consult with an intuitive for your business? ” on a new social media network platform for businesses called Alignable. If you’ve not placed your business on this platform, you might want to check it out. Below is my response to the question.

​The short answer is early and often.  Read on to find out why.

​The consultant is a guide who has already gone down the type of path that you’re seeking to go down.  They are intuitive because they have experience.  Their intuition has been forged by learning in real life scenarios, analyzing those tactics and assessing what they would do given that same scenario again.  They have insight because they have put into practice strategies and they know the results of those outcomes.

​The business owner is more often than not self-made, meaning they are an individual who is hard-working, rugged, creative, and a problem solver who takes initiative.  He/She is confident, has a plan, and more often than not that plan is solving a difficult problem that few if any in their industry are trying to solve.  All of these things have the great potential of leading to wealth creation and profit.

​However, these qualities often can lead the business owner out into a lonely place where they believe they have to do it on their own – especially in a small business setting or a startup.  The wisdom of many counselors, who come alongside the business owner, is very effective in helping them map out effective strategies that when executed properly will give the business owner better odds at success.  Unfortunately, this is often done too late because the business owner relies solely on their intuition or gut when it comes to making decisions.

We need good advice and insight to answer difficult questions... everything else is frustration!
Good advice and insight into difficult questions is critical, everything else equals frustration!

​So when is the best time to bring someone in to give insight and advice?  If you do it when you already feel stuck and in trouble, there’s a good chance it’s already too late.  That doesn’t mean that you should ask for insight and advice at that point, but it probably means that your business is already suffering. Every day business owners are faced with difficult decisions. If they were easy way more people would choose to be business owners.

When faced with a decision it’s very important to make the right one, and insight and advice keep you from making a poor decision or worse indecision. It is always best to consult early and often.  The best business owners have surrounded themselves with a host of counselors who help them navigate their business venture with a well-developed plan. Choose counselors who are bold enough to speak into how they would execute it effectively and efficiently as those decisions arise and present themselves. Searching out those people who can give you good insight and advice into the key decisions in your business is one of the greatest tasks the business owner can give themselves to. Their insight and advice are priceless, without it always proves to be risky and more often than not costly.

Don’t let yourself get to the point of frustration! Call today and find out how we can come alongside your business and give you keen insight and timely advice for the difficult decisions you are faced with.

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