the Law of Trade Offs…

Craftsman are married to their domain. The two become one flesh and the mystery is deep. Greg McKeown says that there are those who find their “highest point of contribution”, a decision that caused them to cling to the vital few and separate themselves from the trivial many. Often these “trivial” things are actually very worth while, good things.

This is where the law of trade offs comes in. In order to choose one thing means you’re saying no to something else or maybe many other things. We’ve linked to this video below of an avid thru hiker named Darwin. Without using this phrase “the law of trade offs” he shares what he and his wife went through when they went in search of what brought them happiness.

Journal Starter:

  • Into what domain have I been drawn to? How would I describe it?
  • What is my highest point of contribution in that domain?
  • What things have I had to give up in order to engage this domain?
  • Describe the relationship of your craftsmanship & your domain in marriage terms?
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