on defining craftsmanship…

I have been doing research to properly define what craftsmanship is. While combing the web for significant resources that would push this definition forward, give it greater clarity and place it solidly on the workbench so that we can further our own understanding of this desire that wants to awaken in each of us, I stumbled onto this link.

What follows is a list of statements from that link that turn on very well aimed spotlights to provide some focus for what we’re looking at, and help us define this desire within us for craftsmanship. I’ve added some brackets to these statements with some of my own thoughts on the statement:

  • Motivated by mastery rather than attaining a status [where posture, practice, process and purpose are essential].
  • Willing to make sacrifices in finances, free time and relationships [Greg McKeown explains that there is a law of tradeoffs which require us to set aside things that we realize are trivial to do what we now realize is our highest level of contribution].
  • Believe in the end-value of what they are making.
  • Balance a passion for history and tradition with a drive to innovate [forging a new future reality].
  • Plan and think things through first [doing things by design, not default requires thinking through our practices, process, and purpose for the things which we desire to make].
  • Immerse themselves and can maintain focus on their work [many of us who suffer from attention deficits are realizing that there are things that are deeply capturing our attention in ways we didn’t think possible].
  • Put in the hours for their craft to become a habit of daily life.
  • Know that you’ve never really “made it” [it becomes less and less about arriving and more and more about the joy of learning and discovery who we are and the purpose for which we have been born into]

I really like where this list of statements takes my thought process when thinking about a definition for craftsmanship. Regardless of where you are in becoming fully awake to this idea of becoming a craftsman yourself, these statements are helpful and seem almost like signs along the road to becoming a craftsman.

What are your thoughts?

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