Developing A Visual Notebook…

Maybe you don’t see yourself as much of a craftsman, or even an apprentice. We all have to start somewhere. What is the goal that you have in mind? Part of this blog is “card catalog” of sorts for videos curated from YouTube that are worth checking out as part of a visual notebook.

Bill Walsh, a head football coach in the NFL, has an amazing lineage of apprenticing other coaches. He was a Master Craftsman when it came to the art and craft of coaching football. He once said, “Winners act like winners long before they become winners. That’s how they become winners.”

If we want to become a master craftsman, we have to begin acting like master craftsmen. This requires a very disciplined action on our part. But what specific actions are required? That’s why I’m suggesting that you begin to create a visual notebook. It will be a journal of sorts that logs entries of the heart informing the head of things that you find inspiring. It will also include insights from your hand informing the mind through a process of practice.

A call to action

This will inevitably include failures, while we faithfully apply ourselves to intentional learning, repetitions numbering into the tens of thousands that prove & verify, and so on. Mastery can’t be purchased, but it can be sought for and mined. And when it is found it must be practiced and incrementally refined. Each new day’s worth of effort will show that the work of our hands reflects more perfectly the desire in our heart and the intention in our mind.

Here’s to your journey in the world of learning and growing in your ability to craft your life well. If there are videos that you would recommend that I add to this series please feel free to share them in the comments

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