What does the apprentice do with his doubts…

The Master Craftsman calls out saying, “Trust in me with all your heart, and do not lean on your own understanding; but in all your ways acknowledge me and I will make your paths straight.”

It seems there are times when it’s easier, or we think even “smarter” to lean on our own understanding.  But often our understanding causes us to merely sit and stew in our own doubts… filled with real questions without answers that satisfy.

It’s then that we must ask for help with our unbelief.  It’s then that we must lean on Him, and go and learn from the Master Craftsman.  As an apprentice go and visit with the Master Craftsman in His workshop and glean from His wisdom and His ways.

As craftsman we must give ourselves to the study the way in which things are made.  There is great joy in discovering why, how, when, where and what of the work we are called to do.  And when we see this grand design and beauty for that work we are delighted to give ourselves to it fully.  There is great delight in the pursuit of learning the craftsman’s way for something created, and it begins to stir up something deep within us.

So when we realize that there is a Master Craftsman through whom all things were created – even ourselves – we should long to learn from Him.  What would it be like to sit with Him in the workshop and watch the skillful hand applied to the medium of His choice and glean from His great understanding?  I can’t even fathom!

We will have doubts when the night is dark and the path seems too long.  We will see brokenness and disorder and our hearts will grieve.  We will experience death around us and it bring doubts rushing to the surface, but as Joseph Solomon says,

“Don’t doubt Him, doubt your doubts!” @whatisjoedoing

As true craftsman, we have this awkward yet insatiable desire to face the darkness and the fears that we perceive lie just ahead.  But the one who has discovered the truth that when the light is turned on, the darkness will flee and all things will become visible and suddenly all fears are gone.  We begin to realize the work that must be done and we come awake and arise to try new things, and venture out into making of all things beautiful.  We push ourselves to learn these new skills and techniques that we see the Master Craftsman employing.  We set ourselves to study in His workshop, and thrive on the question of why.  And in the pursuit of grasping at why, we find ourselves on the path to discovering how.  This is at the heart of bearing the image of the Master Craftsman.

The Bible teaches us that there is a posture and a path from which  joy, purpose, and deep calling to a particular work can be renewed in our hearts, to bear the image of the Master Craftsman with boldness and clarity.  And it’s out of this that emerges this humble yet relentless desire to join in the work that the Master Craftsman’s doing in making all things beautiful, even in the midst of our deepest darkness!  

And when we wake up, there is a glorious new dawn upon us!

And as we awake each morning and proclaim that we are His workmanship and He is a Master Craftsman we begin to grasp at a deep mystery.

Today when you hear his voice, and see his work, and realize that you are His workmanship… celebrate!

We are Master Crafted!

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