Step into the workshop…

I love this picture!  Tools in the hands of a master craftsman are truly a thing to behold.  The tools themselves sometimes appear crude and simple requiring brute force.  Others appear refined and exact and require a skillful hand.  When we walk into a craftsman’s workshop and take inventory of how things are laid out and ready for good use it’s both overwhelming and inspiring.  But often as an apprentice we don’t know how to appreciate the value and purpose of these things.

I would encourage you to go and visit a craftsman’s workshop and see it for yourself.  When the Master Craftsman comes and demonstrates his work – what an opportunity to learn!  But many of us don’t realize we have that kind of access.  How can we step into these workshops and discover the work of a Master Craftsman?

One of the goals of this blog will be to take you along with us on a journey to see exactly that.  At first it will come from the posting of videos we’ve searched for.  There’s so much to glean from YouTube, as most of us have already realized.  We just finished building a 16′ X 24′ two story gambrel style barn from scratch mainly from watching videos on YouTube and other resources we found online.  We also hope to inspire other Master Craftsman to post their videos showcasing their work and sharing their journey into their craft and what it has taught them.

As you find videos that show the work of Master Craftsman feel free to post them here in the comments.  There’s so much to discover.

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