The Journey Begins…


The journey of becoming a Master Craftsman is filled with too many highs and lows to list.  The scene above seems to paint a pretty accurate picture.  You feel like you’re in the middle of a vast ocean, just above the water line.  Off in the distance you can’t tell if the sun is setting or rising.  Is darkness about to surround you, or is there hope of a new day.

That’s where we were in 2005 when Morning Star Fiber first launched as a small textile mill to serve farmers in the US.  We wanted to provide value added steps for their raw fleeces as a service that they could use to realize increased value at the farm gate.  We were greatly inspired by the potential that was there in the machines but extremely overwhelmed by the steep learning curve of how to produce the value we wanted to provide to our customers.  While we wanted to become Master Craftsman, we knew the option of even being an apprentice wasn’t even on the horizon.  Thrust into the world of craftsmanship and artistry we took the least worst option and quickly applied to the school of hard knocks and we got accepted!  I wouldn’t suggest that now, looking back it was gut wrenching and placed a lot of strain on all our various relationships.

But now some 14 years later, we are launching a new company called The Master Crafted.  What we’ve come to learn is that we weren’t alone, so many are lost in this sea of confusion and desperately need someone to come alongside and teach them how to sail these vast “new” frontiers.  Actually since ancient times many have already pioneered these waters some met their demise, but some discovered the promised lands.  History tells us that there was even a model put in place that led these artisans to be recognized as Master Craftsmen through a process called apprenticeship, and then setting out on their own as journeymen to hone their craft.  As the model matured there developed guilds that championed this model.  Today many are rediscovering this lost art of craftsmanship and once again becoming students who want to see these ancient crafts revitalized.

We believe the history even goes back further to the beginning of time, where we find that there was an original Master Craftsman who put on display His Workmanship that He created.  A story that we believe you will find truly inspiring and full of vast opportunity for the world we live in today.

So come and join us and even partner with us in discovering the joy of making all things beautiful!

“Good company in a journey makes the way seem shorter.”

Izaak Walton

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